Saturday, 28 May 2011

How to Get A Sexy Flat Stomach

Many people agree that there's nothing
sexier than a washboard stomach.
Remember Brad Pit in the movie Thelma&Louise! Smokin'!
Here are tips to help you get your own Sexy Flat Stomach!


Things You'll Need

  • Determination
  • Good Eating Habits
  • Excercise Routine
    • 1
      Eat healthy
      Getting Started: To achieved the desired results you will need to be
      committed to eating right and having a dedicated exercise routine.
      Exercise alone won't be enough! You have to eliminate the junk foods!
      Cut out all fried, fatty foods from your diet. Stay away from refined
      sugar and other white foods like white bread, white rice, and white flour. Eat whole grain breads and foods that are high in fiber.
      Choose complex carbs and stay hydrated with lots of water!
      Avoid colas and sugary drinks.
    • 2
      Fresh fruit
      Nutrition: You need to make every effort to feed yourself at a cellular level. This will help your body to function at it's best and
      this will help you maintain your ideal weight without a struggle.
      Sometimes, it's not how much you eat, but what you eat! Learn to make
      better food choices so that no calories are wasted and you are getting
      the vital nutrients you need.
      Choose fresh fruits, vegetables, white meat (like fish or chicken) and complex carbs.
    • 3
      Work out
      Exercise: This seems obvious but the types of exercise you choose
      and how often you do them will make all the difference.
      Stomach-focused exercises will produce faster results.
      Work towards completing an intense workout that rounds out your
      stomach exercises with other moves that cause you to break a sweat.
    • 4
      Get in the pool
      Alternate: Besides sit-ups, alternate your routine with complex cardiovascular workouts including: running, swimming and jumping rope.
      Your overall stomach muscles work as you run and sprint. This helps
      develop your abs. Swimming also helps because as you balance yourself in the water, you are getting cardio and working your abdominal muscles.
    • 5
      Tone up
      Pilates: Pilates has some great moves that will help to tone and
      tighten your abs. Try a video at home or join a class at your
      local health club or YMCA.

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